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Permissions/ HMD


This is fairly simple.  Anything and everything can happen but permanent character death and writing past an 'R' movie rating (unless we're talking about violence).  Feel free to threadjack any posts, even if they say 'locked', unless otherwise noted.

Contact me at: norubyshoes on aim

Mun and muse are both well over 18 and do not like OOC drama.  If you don't like me, don't bring it into RP please.  If you don't like my character and have concrit, tell me.

Thanks :)
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2016-04-13 09:37 am


She couldn't feel her feet, or the wind- she just knew she was moving through a town, a village, trees. She had to go. Then she fell. Tumbling down and hitting rocks and dirt, finally feeling pain. Feeling real. It hurt so gloriously bad.

She was broken and bent, and bruised and bleeding. Anyone passing would have wondered why she was laughing. Janie could feel. Everything had been so numb for so long, and now, now it was real.

Janie's next memory was of waking up at home. Not on the boat, or with pack, or even with Lynn- She was in a room that felt like she belonged. Hers and not someone else's. Her vision was clear, without the auras of time surrounding everything. She didn't need her glasses. The sound of time buzzing wasn't in her ears. Peace.

Her body was healed as well, and Janie followed the urge to look out of the front door. The room stood at the top of a long staircase, in the middle of a forest. This was her home. The Rift Raft nestled in a tree near the staircase, cocooned in branches, a part of the landscape.
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2015-12-05 07:08 pm

(no subject)

 Janie texted coordinates to Julian.  She simply docked the boat alongside several others, and sat on top, waiting for him.

No one would even expect her to be near water- to be anywhere.  
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2015-11-17 07:34 pm

(no subject)

“His older self had taught his younger self a language which the older self knew because the younger self, after being taught, grew up to be the older self and was, therefore, capable of teaching.”

-Robert Heinlein
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2015-11-08 02:07 pm


 Now, Janie realized that it was a mistake.  All of it.  Trying to make life better for her when she was younger.

It was so easy to do.  No one had really been there for those early days, those dark days.  They didn't realize how alone it all felt- and she just wanted to make it a little better.

There really was nothing better to do than hide and wait for it all to go away.

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2015-10-30 10:37 am


Janie's boat was parked at sea, on a little island in the middle of an ocean.

She wanted to be alone.  Alone was easy and safe and it would allow her to heal.  Not sure how much time had passed, the time traveler didn't really care.  She could explain it to her friends when she was ready.  Whenever that would be. 

The island was rocky and not really capable of supporting much life.  Janie still sat on the beach, mostly out of habit.  It didn't feel right anymore, not after what happened with Robert.  She sighed, and tossed a rock at the sea.
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2015-10-16 07:37 pm


Tick. Tock.

Janie blinked, moved her head around a bit.  She couldn't recognize the strange sound in the room.  Or the room she was in.

Windowless, small.  Nothing but an old fashioned alarm clock in the corner.

Tick. Tock.

That's all she could hear.  It was maddening, she couldn't place it.  Something was restraining her, keeping her from getting up and finding the source of the sound.

Tick. Tock.

It was the clock.  Ticking, passing the time.  Something that didn't happen around her.  Old fashioned clocks never functioned as they should.  Which could only mean that she was dead, or close to it.

Tick. Tock.

And then she remembered what they'd done.  It wasn't just the dampener.  It was some kind of poison, something that left her in pain from head to toe, something that made her feel like her chest was being crushed.  She could see herself, chained to a wall, eyes closed, breathing shallowly.
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2015-10-03 06:51 am

For Eternity

Their romance was one of the few happy memories that she had left. Meeting in a comic book store, skateboarding together and having coffee. Dancing all night under the stars, making promises of forever.
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2015-08-22 02:08 am


I'm sorry that I've been MIA.  This was the last week of the summer term, and the first week of school for my kids.  I've been incredibly busy.
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2015-08-12 10:25 am

(no subject)

 Another night of crying.   I need to get over this already.
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2015-07-12 11:57 pm


 I miss plotting.

Anyone available for something dark and slow paced?  I'm a single Mom taking 18 credits a semester, so my time is limited to late nights.  I need some creativity or I will burn out.

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2015-07-10 09:06 pm


 Commissioned by the mun.  Done by MariahL

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2015-05-22 01:29 am
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2015-05-18 01:31 am


My character was very close to Vito, Xander, and Robert Taylor. I am breaking all ties with his characters in a series of fics.

If anyone wants to know what happened, I'm to the point of spilling some details. Not all of them, but enough.
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2015-04-20 02:23 am

ooc rant

I don't even have time to go crazy...

But is it fair to give all of my husband's characters really gory and terrible endings? He's going to be pissed if he's allowed back on the internet and discovers what I did, but I don't really care right now.

I can't believe it's almost been 7 months and I'm still this angry. This is the longest grudge that I've ever held. I think I need to talk to someone :(

Sorry to interrupt your RP feeds with this. Well meaning family is everywhere else and I don't feel like dealing with them.
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2015-01-13 05:14 pm


I'm writing out Canon, and I need permission to include certain characters and plots. I will run everything by you first and give full credit, but I can't do it without permission.

I don't have to include rp stuff,but I'd like to! Nothing but things with Phoenix have been included yet, and his mun has approved of how I used him in book one.