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Blue water and white sand stretched as far as she could see from Janie's favorite spot.  It was an uninhabited island somewhere in the Caribbean, a place that she rarely, if ever showed anyone.

She would sit here for hours when life threw curveballs at her, and the time traveler would think, meditate almost.  Looking at the sea calmed her, even though the thought of going in the water scared her.

Curveballs )

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Take this as notice that I intend to kill you.

I realize that I've said it before, but this time, I'm not going to change my mind.  Since the day you first took me out to dinner and dancing, you've been a cancer in my life.

It got worse in Oceania.  I'll never forgive you for that, for what you did to my team and what you tried to do to me.

You have caused my daughter trauma in your attempts to harm me.  You may have made a deal with the devil to survive her blades, but you will not escape my wrath.

You HARMED my daughter.

There will be no trial, no jury, no prison.  You are sentenced to death, and an eternity in a hell dimension.

-Admiral JL Taylor
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Playlist meme

1)Put your playlist on shuffle
2)Write a drabble for the first song that plays. You can only write for the amount of the time the song plays.
3)Repeat four more times

Where did you sleep last night -   After this
Where did you sleep last night? )

Haunting Me
Why are you haunting me? )

Change (In the house of flies)
I looked away, and you were a fly )
At Last - after this
my love has come along )

Storybook Love

Love is like a story book story )


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Characters: [ profile] a_time_slip , [ profile] loops_in_tyme , [ profile] time_for_lynn
Fandom: Original
Setting: Alternate Earth, a peaceful Meadow
Rating: R? Very violent, graphic and disturbing
Word Count: 985
Prompt: Death and this image 
Note: This takes place right before she's called back to agency duty...  so, two weeks ago?

Cut because the mun is sick )
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After this
and this
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and a conversation yet to be posted
Future R P Marker, okay?

A strangely refreshed Janie knocked on Xander's door three times, ready to go with him, and kill things.

It had been quite a while for her, but only eight hours for Xander since she'd trained him on the two weapons.  The two of them could do anything if they were together, couldn't they?

She waited patiently, nodding politely to a neighbor.
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"Lynn, sweetie?" Janie peeked in on her child, and noticed the little girl sitting up in bed, staring straight ahead. "It's past your bedtime."

"I'm not sleepy" The little girl yawned, then adjusted so she could sit up even more.

"What's been wrong? You're not behaving as you usually do. Picking locks, and you've missed recess to write lines for your history teacher-" Lynn burst into tears and Janie rushed over, wrapping the little girl up in her arms. "You can tell me anything, anything."

The little girl shook her head no and held on to her mother more tightly. There were things she was sure that Janie wouldn't listen to. "Eunice Lynn, tell me right now."

"Is that man coming back?"

"The- which one? You're supposed to be asleep when I have guests over. Did someone hurt you?"

"The mean one." Lynn shook her head no, because he hadn't hurt her. Janie's face drained of blood, and she held her child even tighter. "I want to make him go away. He hurts you, Mommy."

"I win." she said, stroking her daughter's back. "I don't know what he wants, but every time he shows up here asking for something, I kick his ass and if you repeat that word you're in big trouble."

"Can you kill him? Is he my Father?"

"I don't think it's my job to kill him, Lynn. I'll find some way to get rid of him, promise. Didn't I already tell you he isn't your Father?"

"He keeps saying he is. Mommy, he's going to kill you."

"It's me and you Lynn. We're all the family we need. No one is going to kill us."

"Can I have another weapon?"


"What if he comes tonight and gives you another black eye?"

"Stay in your room if he comes here again."

"Can I call Grandpa or Phoenix?"'

"No! Don't tell them about this! Your Mommy can clean her own messes up, and I can't die."

"Is he going to kill me?"

"He's not getting near you."

"He went to my school."


"Mommy, are you mad at me?"

"No dear. Everything will be okay."

"I like my school."

"We'll keep the apartmet, but you'll still have to go to grandpas when I Work"
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Why did I try talking to him?  OMFG I need a cave.
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Sometimes life is such a daze that you don't notice it. You shower and get dressed every morning, follow your daily routines, all without realizing that you still aren't really living. Getting lost in a memory is a welcome escape that's only interrupted by an unexpected sound.

Janie stood in front of the mirror doing just that with a memory stolen from a journal. What had she felt that night of the first reception? Was she excited when-

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ooc: set a day or two after this
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