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Lynn looked at the short list of names, and called each of them, only to get an answering service.

Why wasn't anyone home?  She looked towards the bedroom door, knowing her mother was crouched over in the bed.  'Don't call anyone' she'd said.

She tried once more to call everyone, when finally she got an answer.

"Hello?  You have to come here, now!"
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Dear Lynn,

I'm sorry.

I'm so, so, so sorry about what's happened.  You loved your life before I had to mess it all up.  You'll make friends at your new school and I'll find a place for us (you'll still have your own room).  Sometimes Mommies don't want to listen and I'm guilty of it.  You warned me,

Please, baby, please forgive me.  I hear it in your voice and see it in your eyes that you want to go back home.

Love you,

PS  We're alive.  It's got to be okay, because we're alive.
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Playlist meme

1)Put your playlist on shuffle
2)Write a drabble for the first song that plays. You can only write for the amount of the time the song plays.
3)Repeat four more times

Where did you sleep last night -   After this
Where did you sleep last night? )

Haunting Me
Why are you haunting me? )

Change (In the house of flies)
I looked away, and you were a fly )
At Last - after this
my love has come along )

Storybook Love

Love is like a story book story )


Jun. 17th, 2010 07:38 pm
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Characters: [livejournal.com profile] a_time_slip , [livejournal.com profile] loops_in_tyme , [livejournal.com profile] time_for_lynn
Fandom: Original
Setting: Alternate Earth, a peaceful Meadow
Rating: R? Very violent, graphic and disturbing
Word Count: 985
Prompt: Death and this image 
Note: This takes place right before she's called back to agency duty...  so, two weeks ago?

Cut because the mun is sick )
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Stress?  There was no stress right now,no problems with anyone, no enemies- there was just her boat, and a bit of land decorated for a luau.  She'd actually put the boat in the water for once!

Janie sat back with a drink and waited for people to show up.  When she decided to throw the spontaneous shindig, she cheated and sent invitations out right away.

It was happy fun party time.

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"Lynn, sweetie?" Janie peeked in on her child, and noticed the little girl sitting up in bed, staring straight ahead. "It's past your bedtime."

"I'm not sleepy" The little girl yawned, then adjusted so she could sit up even more.

"What's been wrong? You're not behaving as you usually do. Picking locks, and you've missed recess to write lines for your history teacher-" Lynn burst into tears and Janie rushed over, wrapping the little girl up in her arms. "You can tell me anything, anything."

The little girl shook her head no and held on to her mother more tightly. There were things she was sure that Janie wouldn't listen to. "Eunice Lynn, tell me right now."

"Is that man coming back?"

"The- which one? You're supposed to be asleep when I have guests over. Did someone hurt you?"

"The mean one." Lynn shook her head no, because he hadn't hurt her. Janie's face drained of blood, and she held her child even tighter. "I want to make him go away. He hurts you, Mommy."

"I win." she said, stroking her daughter's back. "I don't know what he wants, but every time he shows up here asking for something, I kick his ass and if you repeat that word you're in big trouble."

"Can you kill him? Is he my Father?"

"I don't think it's my job to kill him, Lynn. I'll find some way to get rid of him, promise. Didn't I already tell you he isn't your Father?"

"He keeps saying he is. Mommy, he's going to kill you."

"It's me and you Lynn. We're all the family we need. No one is going to kill us."

"Can I have another weapon?"


"What if he comes tonight and gives you another black eye?"

"Stay in your room if he comes here again."

"Can I call Grandpa or Phoenix?"'

"No! Don't tell them about this! Your Mommy can clean her own messes up, and I can't die."

"Is he going to kill me?"

"He's not getting near you."

"He went to my school."


"Mommy, are you mad at me?"

"No dear. Everything will be okay."

"I like my school."

"We'll keep the apartmet, but you'll still have to go to grandpas when I Work"
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Lynn is not allowed to pick locks.
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She covered one of my swords in stickers!



Mar. 26th, 2010 01:29 am
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The young girl sat with an older women at one of the many chess tables in the park.  Line after line was filled with players concentrating on the tiny squares and the intricately carved pieces.

They all had one goal.  To win.  The battle between the girl and women seemed very, very intense.  They each stared at the board,  calculating every move.

"Check"  said the little girl.

"That's not check"  The woman, Janie, frowned before moving a piece.  "That's check"  Both stared at the board for several minutes.

"Mommy."  she whispered "I don't know what I'm doing"

"Me either, Lynn, but they'd frown on you if you started playing makeover."

"I want to get ice cream.  This chair hurts."  After a moment, the two casually abandoned the table, which was soon taken by another pair of chess players.
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The blurring of universes, time lines and the insanity of the past few months was getting to Janie.  It was at the point where she now felt insane, overwhelmed and lonely all at the same time.  She had Lynn, she had her friends, but none of them seemed to understand all that she was going through.

Instead of talking about any of these issues, she decided to keep them to herself and to continue with her life, and tracking down Raissa and Vahl.  Tonight she was eating at a buffet style restaurant with Lynn.  She still only had a few memories of her, and none of who her father could be.   Giovan, possibly?  That thought nearly made her physically ill.  Ian?  No, because she wasn't with him at that time.

She didn't want to admit to how...  sleazy she'd been for a while, but there was a possibility of a lot of different people(until she figured out just when the girl was conceived).  This was a situation she never saw herself in, something she thought was reserved for the likes of bad daytime television.

"What's wrong Mommy?"  asked Lynn, who sat in front of a bowl of ice cream covered in gummy bears, M&Ms, chocolate sauce and sprinkles.

"Nothing.  Eat your ice cream."

"How come you can lie and I can't?"

"...What?  What are you talking about?"

"You said nothing, but you're lying"

"It's not anything you would understand.  I'm sorry I lied to you sweetie."

"Is it because all of your timelines are messed up?"

Janie looked at the little girl, wondering how she knew that tidbit and why she'd chose to bring it up now of all times.

"How did you-"

"You told me Mommy, before you went away and left me with Grandpa.  How come you don't fix everything?"

"It's not that easy"

"Yes it is.  All you have to do is go back in time and fix one thing then none of the bad stuff would have happened."

"No.  That's not how it works."

"For you it is!  You told me you could do it!  It's going to take five seconds and then nobody would have any bad stuff happen to them and you could be happy and you and Phoenix would talk to each other again and you wouldn't tell me to pick up your comm and say you were in the shower and the mean lady and mean guy wouldn't be alive-"

"Lynn.  Shh."

"Why?  Please do it?  I want to go over to Samuel's and pretend that I'm going to- um.  I want to go over there and play and want you to come too and we can't do that if you keep avoiding them!"

"We'll talk about this later."
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(ooc: I came up with this before my life went insane, and I'm sorry for delaying things by not being around)

Right now most of her focus was on tracking down the witch who seemed to be on a terror campaign against the entire world. Whenever she got close, the evil woman would throw something in Janie's path that seemed impossible to pass.

This time it wasn't the fault of the witch, However. She was thrust into her past, forced to watch something that she didn't remember.

Dawn, the morning after spending two days with her supervisor. When Janie was in love, she tended to blind herself from any and all flaws. Rules didn't matter, nothing did but her feelings and today she was on cloud nine. The older version of herself wanted to give warning but it was impossible. She was forced to watch herself make mistakes until the moment she noticed the pudge in the belly of her younger self.

A pudge that wasn't there in her memories. This must be what Phoenix and her Father meant when they introduced her to Lynn. Why didn't she remember it? And there was no birth, there was the pudge and then the child. How did that make any sense? There she was, bouncing around in time with the child. Forward and backwards and not following a logical timeline.

Janie would put the child with her Father, until things made sense, until the danger was passed.

Then the girl was beside her, watching her, asking questions.

"Can we get pancakes?"

"Yes, but then I need to go back to work, and you need to spend more time with grandpa."

"Why? I can fight the witch you're so scared of. Dig a big hole in the ground and cover it with leaves! I saw that in a movie."


"Sorry Mom. Can we go fi-Mathing later"

"That's not a word"

"Math is stupid."


"Can you make jewelry with me later?"
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