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This wasn't supposed to be happening.

Right now, she sat at a table in the dining room of her hostel with a piece of paper and pencil in front of her. There was an apartment- but she couldn't move in until the weekend at the earliest, so for now she slept on a cot in a shared room and all of her belongings fit in a duffel bag stored in a locker.

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Crap. The audition is at 10 AM!

I'm not prepared! I'm going to... argh. I don't know. Must calm down. Must calm down.

Going into this for the wrong reason, but I'm still doing it. The song will be 'Stormy Monday'. It's a 90 second open audition thing. This is just going to be something fun and normalish to do.

Thanks Val, and Mark, I don't think Mark has an LJ, but I'm still thanking him.

[Locked from everyone]
I lost my device. *insert curse words* I'm lucky enough to stay in this time stream, but if I bounce I am 'screwed'. I can't bounce... so tomorrow is for something else too. If I get too bothered, well- No use thinking about that.

I can't believe I lost it!
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I'm so happy about school. Ori? Thank you. You haven't even friended this journal but I know you can totally read it. You're giving me a chance to settle, to learn things that I wouldn't at home.

I'm happy about that, really I am.

The thing is I want to give up traveling.
Impossible, right? Maybe college will get that out of my system.
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Divination Practice )
Janie nodded, and obeyed.

ooc: This is a divination process used in Nigeria.  I know some details are wrong with this.
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