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If you, as a child, could see yourself now, what do you think you would say?
The future and past meet )

Muse: Janie Taylor
Fandom: Original
Word count: 313
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Janie looked at the score over and over again, she flipped through the pages of the pop quiz and at the red marks that filled the page. Her professor scrawled notes on every page that complained about penmanship, the steps that she took to get to the answers- he even accused her of cheating on one problem.

The math class was required for her major and she had to maintain a certain GPA to stay in her sorority. This wasn't even considering that she would need to earn scholarships next year.

"Professor" she asked, after class "I would like to speak with you about my assignments."

"I'm not your advisor." he said, packing up his things. "Talk to yours about tutoring and take English lessons."

"Is there a way I can make up for the failed assignments?" His response offended her. She thought her grasp of English was more than acceptable, she knew that her math skills far exceeded those required for the course she took.

"There are no make-up assignments in this course. If tutoring isn't an option I would suggest College Math. You clearly aren't cut out for my class."

College Math? That would kill her chances at a Physics Major. He knew that, he had to be certain that she was aware of the classes required.

"Professor, I need this class. Please, I'll do anything to pass."

"Somehow I doubt that, Janie. If your work doesn't drastically improve, you're going to fail. " He finished packing his bag and started to walk away.

She stared down at her assignments, trying her hardest not to show how upset she was.

"I expected more from a student that was so highly anticipated." he added, right before walking out of the classroom.

Muse: Janie Potts (Janie Taylor)
Fandom: Original
Word Count: 291

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Janie rushed into her fiancé's arms as he held the forgotten car keys up, a comment on the tip of his tongue.

"I forget those entirely too much." she said, smiling up at the much taller man. A fraction of a second later, steel gates lowered all at once, and the parking garage plunged into darkness.

"Get down." Ian whispered.

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Muse: Ja'nee(Janie) Taylor
Word Count: 900+
Fandom: Original
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Is redemption truly possible?

Redeem: To pay the penalty of; to make amends for; to serve as an equivalent or offset for; to atone for; to compensate; as, to redeem an error.

Is that possible? It should be. If you mess up, why can't you be redeemed?

A few months ago, I would have said yes. It is possible. You mess up and you do your penance. Everything is forgiven after that. Then, I moved into the real world.

The real world is a place where you make a group of friends that suddenly starts ignoring you one day. You don't know what you did wrong. They won't tell you, but suddenly you can't get in to see them anymore. They ignore you when you try starting a conversation. They stop calling and there is never an explanation. How can you be redeemed from that?

The real world is a place where you check records to see if people were punished for a crime, only to find out that they weren't. It's where you find out the people that destroyed an entire town lived the rest of their days in peace. They were never prosecuted, or chastised for burning homes, and killing families.

The real world is a place where your family can try to kill you and not feel the least bit bad for it. It's where they can lie to you and say it's for the best. What makes up for gunshot wounds, or running for your life down streets where bystanders ignore what's happening? How do you atone for telling your Grandchild that she should never have been born?

In response to the question: It's sometimes, but not always possible. I wish it was. I want to live in a world where it is, but the possibility of me finding one is very slim.

Muse: Ja'nee (Janie) Taylor
Fandom: Original
Word Count: 303
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She knew that her coworkers thought she was odd. When they took lunch breaks, they would sit on the crates and eat.

When she took lunch breaks, she would quickly down a protein bar, then start on writing out equations. Today, zombies were on her mind. Apparently, a lot of movies were made about them in this country- this time line, even. There were different types of zombies, and she quickly became engrossed in writing it down in mathematic formulas.

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Muse:  Ja'nee (Janie) Taylor
Fandom: Original
Word Count: 1295
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I was never supposed to be born.

I heard that almost every day of my life since I was eight years old.I don't have siblings )

MUSE: Janie "Ja'Nee" Taylor
Original Character
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Do you have any pets? Would you like some (more)? Why / why not?

When I lived on the island, one of the little boys had a puppy that ran around and ate everything up. I would watch them play together, and as he ate the table scraps, and did little tricks for more treats. He was about like a family member to them. Later, in Florida, some neighbors had a hound. He was old, most likely blind, but he was theirs. Every day he sat there and waited for the family and they fed him and gave him a warm place. Sometimes they'd take him out there hunting.

The family that saved me when I bounced to modern times had a dog. He was big and golden and playful. He's still around actually. They treated him like family too, even letting him jump in the bed.

In the compound, we didn't have no pets. I used to ask for one and they looked at me funny. No time for pets. There was chores and lessons. Those were all there was and all that was important. I don't know how the time passed but when I traveled and saw folk with pets I wanted one. A little dog all my own.

Now, I know a lot of folk like cats but something about them is unsettling to me. I can stand to be around them, but they look at me, I think they know I'm different. They know that I'm not worthy of being an owner for some reason or not. I think the cats can see I'm a traveler.

Now that I've left it all behind me, I want a little dog. I want myself a pet that'll be there for me... like a friend. I don't know the right reason for wanting a pet, but I know I can treat him as good as any person. I heard the term 'best friend' applied to pets, and maybe that's what I'm wanting. I'm not sure but away from all tangents I'll answer. Yes, I want a pet. I want an animal friend.

MUSE: Ja'nee Taylor (Janie)
Original Character
: 339
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The End.

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Muse: Ja'Nee Taylor
Fandom: Original Character
Word Count: 529
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