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Name: Janie Louise Potts
DOB: 5/15/1914
Place of Birth: Eatonville, Florida
Parents: Robert Taylor, Ella Mae Morton
Lives with : Sarah Potts nee Morton, Alonzo Potts, Franklin Potts (age 13)
Abilities: Spontaneous time travel, reads at approx 3rd grade level, simple math, climb trees, swim, fish, simple building

Short Biography: Ella Mae Morton was fourteen years old when she had Janie. She was unmarried and her family tried to hide her and the child from friends and neighbors. Ella claimed the father of the child was Robert Morton, a man from up North who was on an extended visit, and who wanted to take her away to live in a better place.

The family traveled up North, not heard from again until Janie was eighteen months old, and ended up at home of Sarah and Alonzo Potts. A note was left in her basket, explaining that the family was coming on hard times and would fetch Janie when things were better.

Spontaneous Time Travel : First manifested at eighteen months of age, when she ended up on the doorstop of Sarah and Alonzo Potts. Details of the trip are unknown. At five years, she disappeared for a week and returned speaking a few words in French. She claimed to have visited her Grandmother. Latest travel at age nine.

It is unknown how she manifested these abilities, or how she would be able to control them. (Further study will reveal that it is a stress/fear reaction where she is sent to whatever the safest place for her will be)

Known Travel:

January 4, 1923 to January 15, 2009 - discovered in a wooded area
January 20, 2009 -?? (eventually returns to 2009)
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"Janie Louise Potts, you get in this house right now!"

The little girl looked down at her already scuffed Christmas shoes and backed further into the trees.  Mama would be mad if she saw the scuffs.  Shoes were a lot of money and she was supposed to wear them to church on Sunday.  Her dress was dirty and her stockings were torn; Janie Potts was in trouble.

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