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Janie rushed into her fiancé's arms as he held the forgotten car keys up, a comment on the tip of his tongue.

"I forget those entirely too much." she said, smiling up at the much taller man. A fraction of a second later, steel gates lowered all at once, and the parking garage plunged into darkness.

"Get down." Ian whispered.

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Muse: Ja'nee(Janie) Taylor
Word Count: 900+
Fandom: Original
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Today was her housewarming. Janie checked over everything several times to make sure it was all ready.

The house was completely spotless. She'd scrubbed every corner and made sure it was nice and clean for anyone who came by. Every picture on the wall was straight and the furniture all looked picture perfect. She had lots of snacks prepared and a few activities so people wouldn't get bored. Later, there would be a nice dinner.

She wasn't sure where Ian or Kelly were, but as long as they weren't making messes, it didn't matter at the moment.  Everything had to be perfect for the party.


Jul. 3rd, 2009 04:34 am
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This is a lot of planning. What about finding an officiant to do this when we're ready to marry, because I have no confidence in my wedding planning abilities at all. Wedding planning stuff. Don't bother reading. )

Summary = (Freaking out) X (Wedding planning list) / promise of food and drink = Pessimistic Janie.

What if this doesn't happen?  Something is going to go wrong.  Something terrible.  I can't take it if that happens.  I don't know what to do.

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