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Name:Janie Taylor
Birthdate:Jul 14

Name: Janie (surname will vary. Malcolm, Taylor and Potts are the three she uses the most)

Apparent Age: 20s
Actual Age:

Around 700-800 years old.
Date of Birth: May 15, 1914

Abilities: Time and dimensional travel, manipulating space, manipulating time, subatomic particle manipulation (emerging)

Short Bio: Janie was born to two time travelers in 1914. She was sent to live with some of her mothers relatives, but due to her uncontrolled abilities, she lived in different time periods. This lasted until she was eight, when someone claiming to be her grandmother took her in and raised her with time travelers.

Janie was a rebellious teenager, that ran away to live a normal life. She was often pursued by the time travelers but managed to escape. In the mid 21st century, she suffered a loss, and joined a military on another planet. After centuries of serving, a war tore apart the planet she considered home and she was forced to return to current times.

Somewhere along the way, a daughter appeared out of nowhere.

One other soul has been around her entire life, Phoenix Kaelen. He's been everywhere she has, and is the only one she can trust. With everything.

NOTE: Janie will NOT break your 'verse, she will not use any of her abilities to change things unless all characters involved have given consent. She won't even mention time travel if you are not okay with it.

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