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Dear Mirror Janie,

Is it true that you live my life reversed?  If not, and you're really just a reflection, then I've just written a letter to nothing, and that probably makes me more insane than I actually am.

Which I'm not.


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(never sent)

Dearest Xander,

I want you to know that I love you, and that I won't stop, not as long as you're walking around and loving me back.  You're such a wonderful guy, always kind, always willing to make things work and I don't deserve you.  I've slept around...  a lot.  It was before I found you again but it still feels so wrong.  

I was hurting and I felt so alone, so I drank.  I won't blame sluttiness on drinking, but it sure didn't hurt.  If I was normal I'd be filled with disease right now but I'm not, so you'd never know.  That enough should be worth leaving me for, but there's something else.

My heart belongs to someone else.  Not that part of it isn't yours, which it always will be, because I do love you.  But this other person, he's, it's so hard to explain.  He's my family, my best friend, my other half.  He's been that for centuries and will be long after you're gone, honestly, he's been that for most of my life.

I think you suspect some of this already.  You know how close we are, and you- there's a bond that you can't break, no matter how much I hate him, or how mad you are about something he's said to me.  I think you know about Lynn too, because the math just doesn't add up with her.  I'm pretty sure Frankie will be yours, though, and you will be there for Lynn as she grows.

You are the best thing to happen to me, and I'm so sorry about everything.  You deserve better, and I deserve to be alone.

Love forever,
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Dear Tim Curry,

I'll always be your number one stan, and I'll try my damndest to get lost near your palace.

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Dear random person,

Thank you for the ten bucks.  You saw a woman crying and wanted to help.  It's something that I've paid forward time and time again to others in a similar situation.

I hope life treated you well.



To the person that helped me earlier today.  Thank you.
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To everyone,

If you're reading this, you're most likely a friend or an adopted relative.  You're someone that I care about, and it pains me to write this.

First, I'm sorry.  I'm sorry that I don't listen, that it gets me into trouble, that I've probably cursed each of you out under my breath.  It's not that I don't like you, it's that I'm moody and things get on my nerves.

Second, I love you guys.  I think I'd be some bitter old woman living in a cave if it wasn't for all of you.  This is be, crossing out the curse words and replacing them with hearts.

Third,  I can't write this. 

To everyone,

Having a kid in about six weeks so in about a month I'll start taking it a little easier  NO SPECIAL TREATMENT, alright?  I can take care of my own damn self.  He's a boy, the name is Franklin.  In the highly unlikely event anything happens, whoever wins in a nak- top- er, scantily clad jello wresteling match gets  all of my money.  You get Lynn too, so HAHAHA.

Take 3


You rock!  Love you all!

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I should be there.  I want to be there, fighting for Kaldoa because it is my home.

My people here are all gone, so it's there, Phoenix's family that I consider my own.  I know things are hellish there and it's partially my fault, but why are you blocking me?

The battle is dangerous, but Lynn is safe on Earth.  No one here will harm her anymore, I've made sure of that.  Please, please let me back so I can fight.  Let me defend my family, my home.  I don't care if I have to kill, my condition won't stop me from doing what's required.  Being left behind hurts sfm, and I'm ready.

I'll take every last bit of my abilities and strength to kill those two bastards if you'd let me back home.

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You gave me my favorite memory.  It was when I first met you and you showed me your books.  It cemented my desire to learn, to read- and that I did.  I should start again, because it's something that I truly love.

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Up for another round?

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Dear Lynn,

You're older now, and you've explained things to me about yourself, about your younger self.  I should be confused but it all makes sense and I'll be able to raise you up a lot better.  I'm sorry I wasn't always there for you growing up, or that you had to go through so many things.

I wish I could go back and make it better for you but history must take it's course.  You have to remain as you are, and little you has to be brought up the same way to make everything possible.


That's right, no.  I refuse this.  You are my little girl, and I'm going to do right by you.  I don't think this will split things into another universe.  I don't care right now.  From this moment I'm going to do things differently.  I love you, and I'm fairly sure your father does too.  You have a whole family that loves you so, so very much, and they'll understand why I had to-

I want to give you a second chance, and I am.

Love, Mom
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Dear white people,

You're all not as bad as I thought you were.

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In a lifetime, most people are lucky to find someone they can always talk to, who they trust with any and everything, the person that they want to hold on to forever and ever.  Me?  I was lucky, and I found the person.  It took so, so very long for me to realize that.

I still love you.   I want to spend a forever and a day, being with you and happy and blissful just like we did for that short while where we were together.  It wasn't ever anything official but as you know, it was the best week in my life.

We're apart now, with others that we love and I would give it up for you in a heart beat, but it's wrong to do that.  My fiance deserves my love adn I can't give him my whole heart.  I want to but part of it will always be yours, most of it.  You've always been there for me and you still are and me?  I'm here for anything, everything.

There's no happy medium, is there?  Those dreams I have of us all living happily together aren't realistic.  But I just can't let go of...  Heh, no.  I won't continue.  I'll focus on what I have to look forward to, on what's going right in my life.

I love you, forever and always
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Dear [Name redacted]:

Will you please get out of my head?  I love thinking about you and dreaming, and every little thing, even the infuriating that you do.

Now that I've admitted this, I'm going to start thinking about someone else...  or about MY WEDDING which is coming up soon and I haven't even begun to plan it yet.

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The Janie from last nights dream;

I want to be you so badly right now, so much so that I've spent all morning trying to get back to sleep. 
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Mama Sarah,

You won't get this because you're dead, but I appreciated every day that I had with you.

You treated me just like I was your own child, even after getting lost and returning.  Everyone could see how hard you worked to earn a little bit of money, and even though I protested, thank you for making me help you.  You taught me many things in the short time we had together, and you loved me no matter what.

I'm always going to miss you.

Love always,
Janie Louise
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Whoever you are,

I either don't know you or I'm avoiding you.  If it's the former, why not introduce yourself?


If it's the latter, um...  I have my reasons.

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I miss you.

I know that I shouldn't, that it hasn't even been that long, but I can't wait to see you again.  The way you smile, how your arms feel, your eyes- everything.

No, no...  You can't ever get this.  You can't know how I feel, except...  well, you know all to well, don't you?


(so very encrypted and probably thrown away)
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Dear Self;

I miss you.  Please come back.
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Dear Lynn,

I'm sorry.

I'm so, so, so sorry about what's happened.  You loved your life before I had to mess it all up.  You'll make friends at your new school and I'll find a place for us (you'll still have your own room).  Sometimes Mommies don't want to listen and I'm guilty of it.  You warned me,

Please, baby, please forgive me.  I hear it in your voice and see it in your eyes that you want to go back home.

Love you,

PS  We're alive.  It's got to be okay, because we're alive.
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So I went back in time to see what your deal was.

Guess what?  We all had crappy lives.  I don't care if you got picked on as a kid or that you had a crappy husband and one day you decided 'OMG I HATE TIME TRAVELERS SO I WILL START A CULT'.

I lived the same life because of you, and guess what, I'm not nearly as batshit.  Enjoy your jar and may your alternate move to Croatia.

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Cheray Ashi;


I'm sorry.  You deserved to live longer and happier and it's my fault that didn't happen.  I failed you as a leader and only hope that you can forgive me.

You were awarded medals and your children?  They accepted them for you, so, so beautifully.  They know that their mother was brave to the very last second and you, my lady, are considered a hero.

I'm not sure what's going to happen to me if/when I die, but I promise that I'll look for you and that we'll drink and dance and have the most fun two dead soldiers can ever, ever have.



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