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Cheray Ashi;


I'm sorry.  You deserved to live longer and happier and it's my fault that didn't happen.  I failed you as a leader and only hope that you can forgive me.

You were awarded medals and your children?  They accepted them for you, so, so beautifully.  They know that their mother was brave to the very last second and you, my lady, are considered a hero.

I'm not sure what's going to happen to me if/when I die, but I promise that I'll look for you and that we'll drink and dance and have the most fun two dead soldiers can ever, ever have.



Jun. 15th, 2010 01:38 am
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"...One of the longest standing agents in history."

The applause was thunderous as Janie stood and accepted the medals.  The ceremony was mostly a PR move, to show that the Agency was just fine.  The crowd, filled with press and new recruits was all for show.

The Agency crumbled from the inside.  Corruption had infiltrated all aspects of it, and now the majority of the leadership was out, before they could be exposed.  Some were missing, and everyone left in the agency scrambled to put things back together.

Janie Taylor-Malcom stood on the stage, in a maternity uniform, and knew she would be a very busy woman for a long time.  The recruits would quickly be moved to higher positions and restructuring would start immeaditly.

There was talk, always talk about her, and now she was to train as many of them as possible in a very short period of time.

She tried not to think about her daughter back home, or her friends, or the man she was in love with.  She needed to be there for them, but her duty to the agency could not be ignored.  Doubling in time usually worked, but right now she was too exhausted to do anything out of the ordinary.
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I'm being called back.

Will...  please, make sure Lynn doesn't get into too much trouble.  She's with my Father, but there's no way I can make sure she stays there.  When it rains, it fucking pours.
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(After this)

1) debrief admiral
2) Notify the families
3) Submit letter of resignation
4) Return to the hotel room and rest for a few hours

Cut because Janie is stoic )
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Following protocol, your resignation letter was forwarded to top level officials.

We have reviewed your performance over the past four hundred years carefully and wish to extend an offer of a promotion to you.

Your service as a field agent has been exemplary and we do not want to lose a valuable employee such as yourself. Please consider the offer, and understand that under no circumstances will you work with your previous supervisor and administrator again. Both are now under review.

If you choose to leave, we ask that you return for an exit interview and activation of your pension plan.

We will expect your response in a week,

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