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Today was her housewarming. Janie checked over everything several times to make sure it was all ready.

The house was completely spotless. She'd scrubbed every corner and made sure it was nice and clean for anyone who came by. Every picture on the wall was straight and the furniture all looked picture perfect. She had lots of snacks prepared and a few activities so people wouldn't get bored. Later, there would be a nice dinner.

She wasn't sure where Ian or Kelly were, but as long as they weren't making messes, it didn't matter at the moment.  Everything had to be perfect for the party.
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She had been alone for- she was not sure how long. Ian and Kelly were nowhere to be seen and the Internet search results for the perfect wedding dress were the same results she found five minutes earlier. The books were the same books, the refrigerator was filled with the same food. Looking out of the window, the view was completely unchanged.

A Broken Promise )

Muse: Janie Potts (Ja'nee Taylor)
Fandom: Original
Word Count: 482
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