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I don't mind cleaning.  It's relaxing and gives me time to think.
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Belittling me

Trying to kill me

Treating me like trash or an idiot

Chewing gum
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6)  Gone to live with Ori
5)  Fought with Ella
4)  Betrayed my daughter
3)  Accepted the ring
2)  Fallen for Gio
1)  Look back and make wishes
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1)    I'm sorry.
2)    You deserve much, much better.
3)    Where are you?
4)    I miss you, so, so much.  Please come back into my life.
5)    There aren't enough words to describe how I feel.
6)    You are awesome.
7)    We need an adventure soon.
8)    You're one of few that I consider a friend.
9)    I enjoy spending time with you and your children.
10)  My heart will always belong to you.
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