Sep. 12th, 2012 01:36 am
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I'm sorry,  I took an unplanned hiatus from...  pretty much everything online.

Here's the situation:  I've got two kids, one of which is very high maintenance.  My days are usually taken up by taking care of them or doing housewifey stuff.  When I have time and mental energy I'll sign on and RP or write.  Otherwise it's not going to happen.

I've got a couple of plots in mind for her, one of which will be ficced (tag: man in the long black coat), the other is basically that she has found a map to something called 'The Key Of Time' (tag: key of time), which she's curious about, and will go searching for it.  It's basic adventure and nothing heavy about it.  Of course, she's open to other stuff too.

But things will be slow, except on Monday and Wednesday mornings, naptime and nights.  I hope taking this new approach works, and that my friends stick with me through this :)  I'm not asking anyone to be a part of anything, though it's open, I'm simply letting everyone know what's going on, because my character would talk about them to her friends.


Dec. 21st, 2011 11:16 pm
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I'm going to try importing entries from ALL of Janie's LJs.

It's taking a while, so wish me luck!
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I'm going to attempt to explain here Time Mastery as it appears to Janie.

First, this is NOT a Doctor Who muse.  I made this character before I even knew of the show.  She's not like Marty McFly, Bill and Ted or Arthur Dent, she is of my own creation. 

She is descended from Orisha, one of whom discovered time travel.  Yes, that is made up, with a real Orisha's name being used.  Orishabi, as she is called, also knew the secret divination called Ifa.  It showed her a terrible history if the time ability went unchecked, and she sought to squash it as much as possible.

Orishabi couldn't do that on her own, however, so she recruited a few that were born with the ability.  She had children too, and included them among her recruits.  They were all disposable and when one broke rules they would be executed.  One of Orishabi's children (her favorite), went by the name Ella and got away with a little more than she should have.  Ella ran away with another recruit. (which was forbidden.  They were not allowed to leave, or have hetero relationships) She and that recruit, Robert Taylor, had one child.

That was Janie.  She was considered 'wild' and spent a lot of her time trying to change things.  At first, she had a machine, just as all of Orishabi's people had.  It helped them control where they went and they learned never to travel without it.  Janie discovered she didn't need it, but also, that she was unable to change things.  She couldn't set wrongs right, or stop wars from happening.  All she could do was things like observe, steal things that weren't significant, or  cheat on bets or lottery.  The one time she did change time, it ended up splintering her into AUs, which was unknown for her people.  Every other attempt has her fail at whatever she's trying to change.

Over time, she's learned to mold her abilities into bending space, stopping and slowing down time, and isolating the ability on things as small as an atom.  Eventually she will learn to summon items and heal her own injuries.  Something else to note, she is the last of her kind.
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Some of you know RL has been sucking majorly for me, so, I'm sorry to say, I'm a flake.

I've got responsibilities at home, am looking for a better job and things are insane all around and taking up brain cells.  I'm going to try to keep up but I haven't been lately and I'm sorry for that.  There's one thread that I know I want to keep going, and if I jump into a thread with anyone else and I flake out on it, just bug me.

Hopefully things will calm down soon

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So, I tried my hand at some character art of Janie. 
Cut for pictures )

Obviously, I need loads more practice, but at least I tried?
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I admit it, I'm a flake right now.  Please, if I drop an important thread, let me know.  It's not on purpose, but my mind is in other places right now.  I started a job in September then I found out about the upcoming baby.  For me this means lots of long days at work, lots of doctor visits and family checking on me and less time for RP.

There's AIM on my phone, so if you need something omgrighthissecond go ahead and IM me.  This is in no way a hiatus, just me taking it a little easier/forgetting about posts.  The job is a temp job, so not sure how long it will last and as long as everything goes well I should be around until late April/ early May.  I'll post or have someone post for me if that changes for some reason.

  • Nikki's a flake
  • Let her know what she is missing
  • IM her on AIM if Rubella/Becky/Janie/Addie needs to do something
  • I'll try not to disappear.  If I do, someone will say something.


Nov. 12th, 2009 11:16 pm
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Have you ever wanted to stick a character in a corner until he/she behaves?

This is what I want to do to her. She doesn't mean to hurt any feelings, but...

honestly, I can't think of an excuse. *sends future!Janie off to a corner*


Sep. 22nd, 2009 12:34 pm
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Five hundred years ago, Janie was supposed to have died and spent an Eternity in Heaven. When she was saved from death (By Phoenix and Malcolm) her reality changed.

The future version of [profile] a_mind_flip has matured greatly and now has children of her own. None turned out to be time travelers, though she can't say the same about any of her grandchildren and future generations. Unlike her younger self, this future version of Janie is quick, excellent at defending herself and knows how to ask for help when she needs it. She is still stubborn and very self-sufficient.


Sep. 22nd, 2009 11:42 am
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Time travel
dimensional travel
Bending space
Fast healer
small amount of magical defense (shh!  This was always there!)


Sep. 22nd, 2009 11:19 am
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Orishabi is the child of a god and Obatala(An Orisha).

Ella Morton is the child of Orishabi and Toby Morton (Child of a demi-god and a mortal man)

Janie Taylor is the child of Ella Morton and Robert Taylor (

Children born to Janie Taylor and Ian Malcolm *generations and blah blah*
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