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To everyone,

If you're reading this, you're most likely a friend or an adopted relative.  You're someone that I care about, and it pains me to write this.

First, I'm sorry.  I'm sorry that I don't listen, that it gets me into trouble, that I've probably cursed each of you out under my breath.  It's not that I don't like you, it's that I'm moody and things get on my nerves.

Second, I love you guys.  I think I'd be some bitter old woman living in a cave if it wasn't for all of you.  This is be, crossing out the curse words and replacing them with hearts.

Third,  I can't write this. 

To everyone,

Having a kid in about six weeks so in about a month I'll start taking it a little easier  NO SPECIAL TREATMENT, alright?  I can take care of my own damn self.  He's a boy, the name is Franklin.  In the highly unlikely event anything happens, whoever wins in a nak- top- er, scantily clad jello wresteling match gets  all of my money.  You get Lynn too, so HAHAHA.

Take 3


You rock!  Love you all!

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I really, really, really want a drink right now (or an alcohol IV).
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I'm going to fix the clocks, but you won't know.

No, I've not gone insane, thank you.
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The blurring of universes, time lines and the insanity of the past few months was getting to Janie.  It was at the point where she now felt insane, overwhelmed and lonely all at the same time.  She had Lynn, she had her friends, but none of them seemed to understand all that she was going through.

Instead of talking about any of these issues, she decided to keep them to herself and to continue with her life, and tracking down Raissa and Vahl.  Tonight she was eating at a buffet style restaurant with Lynn.  She still only had a few memories of her, and none of who her father could be.   Giovan, possibly?  That thought nearly made her physically ill.  Ian?  No, because she wasn't with him at that time.

She didn't want to admit to how...  sleazy she'd been for a while, but there was a possibility of a lot of different people(until she figured out just when the girl was conceived).  This was a situation she never saw herself in, something she thought was reserved for the likes of bad daytime television.

"What's wrong Mommy?"  asked Lynn, who sat in front of a bowl of ice cream covered in gummy bears, M&Ms, chocolate sauce and sprinkles.

"Nothing.  Eat your ice cream."

"How come you can lie and I can't?"

"...What?  What are you talking about?"

"You said nothing, but you're lying"

"It's not anything you would understand.  I'm sorry I lied to you sweetie."

"Is it because all of your timelines are messed up?"

Janie looked at the little girl, wondering how she knew that tidbit and why she'd chose to bring it up now of all times.

"How did you-"

"You told me Mommy, before you went away and left me with Grandpa.  How come you don't fix everything?"

"It's not that easy"

"Yes it is.  All you have to do is go back in time and fix one thing then none of the bad stuff would have happened."

"No.  That's not how it works."

"For you it is!  You told me you could do it!  It's going to take five seconds and then nobody would have any bad stuff happen to them and you could be happy and you and Phoenix would talk to each other again and you wouldn't tell me to pick up your comm and say you were in the shower and the mean lady and mean guy wouldn't be alive-"

"Lynn.  Shh."

"Why?  Please do it?  I want to go over to Samuel's and pretend that I'm going to- um.  I want to go over there and play and want you to come too and we can't do that if you keep avoiding them!"

"We'll talk about this later."
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She knew that she was safe with them, but it was time to get out of the safe house.  More than likely, both of them were still there.

Janie had to do something, anything.  The walls almost felt like they were closing in again.   She'd talked to another friend for a bit, learned about more bad things that happened.  She should be able to stop all of this easily.  That's what time travel is for, isn't it?

The woman walked, not paying attention to where she went.  She walked and walked, finally stopping and taking a seat on the curb.  Something about her changed and she wasn't sure what that meant.


Jan. 18th, 2010 09:01 am
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(Happens directly after this)

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Ten reasons to give up

2)The timeline
3)I'm alone
4)I don't think I can stop drinking
5)I'm messing things up for Janie
6)I've messed them up for everyone else
7)Did I mention the entire mess with Giovan?
8)I'll never have anyone
9)I've quit my job and have no direction anymore
10)The only way I can stop creating problems is to no longer exist.

Ten reasons to keep going

1)I can't change my immortality
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