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Dearest Xander,

I want you to know that I love you, and that I won't stop, not as long as you're walking around and loving me back.  You're such a wonderful guy, always kind, always willing to make things work and I don't deserve you.  I've slept around...  a lot.  It was before I found you again but it still feels so wrong.  

I was hurting and I felt so alone, so I drank.  I won't blame sluttiness on drinking, but it sure didn't hurt.  If I was normal I'd be filled with disease right now but I'm not, so you'd never know.  That enough should be worth leaving me for, but there's something else.

My heart belongs to someone else.  Not that part of it isn't yours, which it always will be, because I do love you.  But this other person, he's, it's so hard to explain.  He's my family, my best friend, my other half.  He's been that for centuries and will be long after you're gone, honestly, he's been that for most of my life.

I think you suspect some of this already.  You know how close we are, and you- there's a bond that you can't break, no matter how much I hate him, or how mad you are about something he's said to me.  I think you know about Lynn too, because the math just doesn't add up with her.  I'm pretty sure Frankie will be yours, though, and you will be there for Lynn as she grows.

You are the best thing to happen to me, and I'm so sorry about everything.  You deserve better, and I deserve to be alone.

Love forever,
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Lynn looked at the short list of names, and called each of them, only to get an answering service.

Why wasn't anyone home?  She looked towards the bedroom door, knowing her mother was crouched over in the bed.  'Don't call anyone' she'd said.

She tried once more to call everyone, when finally she got an answer.

"Hello?  You have to come here, now!"
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Up for another round?

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The Janie from last nights dream;

I want to be you so badly right now, so much so that I've spent all morning trying to get back to sleep. 
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You, me, dancing.

At a club please.
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When Janie got home, she was crying.

Not that anyone had known she left, but right now, the front door was slammed and her sobs were audible.  Cabinet doors were thrown shut and something- something was upsetting the time traveler.

"Mommy?"  asked Lynn, obviously concerned.  Janie looked at the little girl, and turned away, more tears coming as she ran to her room.  The door was closed, and locked, and she sat on the bed.

Thoughts raced around in her head until she couldn't take it anymore.  Janie lowered herself onto her pillow and cried into it, waiting for something to happen that would make her feel better.
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Dear dreams,

Can you please go away?  I don't need to see what I've done every night. 

I know I'm a terrible person.  And if this meant the other kind of dreams, please kindly go away.  It's not going to happen and my fate is already sealed.

Other dreams?  The ones I'm sure are from pregnancy hormones, kindly go away.  I'd like one damn night where I sleep and wake well rested.

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You are very significant. Don't ever let anyone tell you any different.
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Playlist meme

1)Put your playlist on shuffle
2)Write a drabble for the first song that plays. You can only write for the amount of the time the song plays.
3)Repeat four more times

Where did you sleep last night -   After this
Where did you sleep last night? )

Haunting Me
Why are you haunting me? )

Change (In the house of flies)
I looked away, and you were a fly )
At Last - after this
my love has come along )

Storybook Love

Love is like a story book story )
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After this
and this
and [insert link]
and a conversation yet to be posted
Future R P Marker, okay?

A strangely refreshed Janie knocked on Xander's door three times, ready to go with him, and kill things.

It had been quite a while for her, but only eight hours for Xander since she'd trained him on the two weapons.  The two of them could do anything if they were together, couldn't they?

She waited patiently, nodding politely to a neighbor.
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After this

Janie should have been back from her mission days ago, but life rarely works out as planned.  She'd called her Father to let him know she made it back safely,   He had questions about the mission,why she was back late, when she'd pick Lynn up.

She only promised to see him in two days.  It would give her time to rest and to spend a little quality time with her boyfriend.

Her intentions were to order a nice meal, set it up with candles and wine, and have nice romance times.  Instead, she was asleep on the couch with the phone in her hand.
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Alonzo Franklin?
Jepson Franklin?

Salil Franklin?

That means my children will be Eunice Lynn and Salil Franklin.
I'm not sure if I like that or not.
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"Don't listen to him!"  Janie yelled to the TV screen, surrounded by popcorn and sodas.  "He's lying! "

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Stress?  There was no stress right now,no problems with anyone, no enemies- there was just her boat, and a bit of land decorated for a luau.  She'd actually put the boat in the water for once!

Janie sat back with a drink and waited for people to show up.  When she decided to throw the spontaneous shindig, she cheated and sent invitations out right away.

It was happy fun party time.

(gif from http://gif-a-lil-bit.livejournal.com/5954.html )
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After taking a deep breath, Janie knocked on the door. She needed to set things straight with him, to talk to him.

Maybe this would help everything make a little more sense.
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1 question...
1 chance...
1 honest answer...

That's all you get. Ask me one question. Any one question, anything, no matter how crazy it is. An honest answer. No catch.


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