Apr. 13th, 2016 09:37 am
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She couldn't feel her feet, or the wind- she just knew she was moving through a town, a village, trees. She had to go. Then she fell. Tumbling down and hitting rocks and dirt, finally feeling pain. Feeling real. It hurt so gloriously bad.

She was broken and bent, and bruised and bleeding. Anyone passing would have wondered why she was laughing. Janie could feel. Everything had been so numb for so long, and now, now it was real.

Janie's next memory was of waking up at home. Not on the boat, or with pack, or even with Lynn- She was in a room that felt like she belonged. Hers and not someone else's. Her vision was clear, without the auras of time surrounding everything. She didn't need her glasses. The sound of time buzzing wasn't in her ears. Peace.

Her body was healed as well, and Janie followed the urge to look out of the front door. The room stood at the top of a long staircase, in the middle of a forest. This was her home. The Rift Raft nestled in a tree near the staircase, cocooned in branches, a part of the landscape.
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