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After this.  OOC: This is when an 8 year old Janie first left to live with Ori, and fail link is now fixed!

The little girl sat on the stairs of the house near the woods, and concentrated on reading the first page of A Tale Of Two Cities. She loved that the house had such a large variety of books for her to read, and promised herself that she’d go through every single book in the house.
She’d been reading the first book for thirty minutes when a strange voice interrupted her reading.

“Janie? Janie Louise?”

The little girl looked up from her book and at the tall, dark woman who stood before her. Her ponytail, complete with a purple ribbon was a sharp contrast to the woman’s shorn head. She stood, almost regally, and commanding respect.

“Yes Ma’am?”

“Your Daddy Robert sent me. I’m your Grandma.”

“Ma’am?” She’d never heard anything about a Grandmother, but the woman seemed to know what she was talking about, so Janie listened intently. Her nerves were only given away by the absentminded picking of a scab on her arm.

“You’re not trapped here anymore. I’ve come to take you to your family.”

“Mister Drake said to stay here.” She referred to one of the many people that helped her. Mister Drake was a real nice man, and called her a lady. She felt grown up around him.

“You’re gonna miss seeing your Daddy if you stay here.”

“Can I say bye to Miss Saxie and Mister Ryan?” Saxie and Ryan were the mother and son pair that took her in. She felt like part of the family with them, and secretly, wanted to stay forever.

“There’s no time. You can visit them later.”

“Can I bring the book with me?” She could see her questions were beginning to annoy the woman, but she continued to ask. It’s what got her in trouble many times as a child.

“Yes. Hurry.” The older woman looked down on the girl, who was clearly stalling by lacing up her canvas sneakers.

“When am I coming back? I like it here.”


“How soon?”

“Come now. He’s leaving in ten minutes." Janie picked up the book, realizing that they didn’t have long, and took the hand of the woman who waited for her. In the blink of an eye, both were gone.
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