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Blue water and white sand stretched as far as she could see from Janie's favorite spot.  It was an uninhabited island somewhere in the Caribbean, a place that she rarely, if ever showed anyone.

She would sit here for hours when life threw curveballs at her, and the time traveler would think, meditate almost.  Looking at the sea calmed her, even though the thought of going in the water scared her.

Today, she lay face down on the sand, her white gown dirty and clinging to her, and unmoving.

"Janie?"  asked Phoenix, softly.  It had been centuries since she'd worn the little psychic tag, but somehow the two of them knew when something was wrong with the other.  Approaching her, he realized she'd been attacked.  He immediately went to work, as he had many times before, concentrating energy on repairing the damage.

"Phoenix"  She said, from behind him, which didn't make sense.  Janie was still on the sand in front of him.  Still- he looked up, and there she was again, holding the hand of a little boy with dark skin and glasses.  Unlike the woman on the ground, she was slim, the baby bump only a memory of what passed years before.  The dress was the same white gown, which billowed in the breeze.  "Help me."

Then, they were further away.  Time energy swirled in the air, in the grains of sand and throughout the water, unchecked and shaping their surroundings into the past, present and future.  Janie appearerd and disappeared,  She was alone, or with a baby, or a little boy, but always still in front of Phoenix, laying face down in the sand.

"Janie I can't help you like this, I can't-  WOULD YOU STOP THAT?"  He didn't want to shout, but she stood in front of him with a baby, and beside him in a swim suit, and further back with a toddler- and now there was just her, in the white dress, standing in the light, and her on the ground, life seeping from her into the sand.  "Will you stop staring at me like that?"

Just like that she was beside him, slim and healthy, and the her that really needed the help was gone.  It was now sunset, and nothing was less confusing.

"I'll be fine."  Janie began

"What happened?"  he asked "You were-"

"I don't want to talk about it!  Not at all!  I- um.  The water.  Help me swim."

"Swim?"  he asked, confused

"Yes.  I have a phobia, but I want to get past it, and not talk about what happened.  Before he could protest, she'd pulled them into what can only be seen as a montage.  He gently coaxed her into the water, let her touch things that wouldn't hurt her.  He took her deeper and deeper, until the terror was no longer in her eyes.  She'd be afraid next time but it wouldn't be as much.  Just a little more work, and she'd be past most of it.

"Is this a dream?"  he asked.  Janie shook her head no.

"I don't know what's happening, but it's time for me to go."  With that, Janie was gone, she was okay, but gone back home, to rest whatever had happened to her off.

ooc:  [info]ashes_ascended  used with permission and love
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